December 12, 2022

Diadem leaders present themselves in front of a professional audience

The DiaLog planters come in various sizes and diverse designs, made of durable polypropylene. They can be used in a highly versatile manner, serving as decorations and borders for outdoor spaces such as terraces, underground garages, and gardens.

Conference in Budapest

The leaders of Diadem® gave a presentation for a professional audience at the Green Building Structures Conference, held in Budapest. The event’s main sponsor was A.P.P. Ltd., the distributor of the Diadem® brand. The highlights of the event organized by the Hungarian Association of Building Insulators, Roofers, Tinkers and Carpenters (ÉMSZ) were the design rules and construction issues of green roofs, the importance of water- and heat insulation, the importance of planting medium and vegetation, and the presentation of special green roofs; and implemented projects were also presented.

At the conference, our colleagues gave a presentation on the development potential of green roofs and their positive effects on the environment and presented the benefits of the BIM planning system.

Presentation by a German expert

Also thanks to A.P.P. Ltd., the audience got information about the situation of green roof constructions in Germany, the relevant regulations, and the results of the latest researches. Holger-Arnt Zühlke, President of the German VBSH (Verband der Begrünungs-System-Hersteller), gave an exciting presentation on all this.

DiaWool on the roof

The creator of the Diadem® brand, the managing director of our company outlined of Péter Csizmadia’s presentation was the use of DiaWool, that is, rock wool, in the construction of green roof layers. How comes rock wool in the green roof? The company owner gave a spectacular answer to this question. With the help of our colleague, Artúr Hegymegi, the high water absorption capacity of hydrophilized rock wool was presented. Our experts demonstrated with a spectacular demonstration how a 10x10x10 DiaWool sample cube absorbs 6 dl of water.

The BIM system in the designing

Our colleague, Milán Dianovics, the Head of Planning of A.P.P. Kft. talked about an important and interesting topic, presenting the benefits and practical use of the BIM planning system to the professional audience. Through examples, Milán illustrated in which cases the BIM system helped them in the implementation of a project.

During the conference, the audience showed a keen interest in the green roof layers and the fall arrest system components shown by A.P.P. Ltd.