April 23, 2024

Extensive Green Roof with Rock Wool

The construction of an extensive green roof combined with rock wool took place in the autumn of 2022, in a picturesque environment on the shore of Lake Balaton.

Phase one: the new function of rock wool

In phase one, mechanical protective textile (VLU-300), rainwater retention and runoff retention plate (DD-25H) were applied to the root-resistant waterproofing layer, followed by separation and filter geotextile (VLF-150), hydrophilized rock wool (DiaWool-E30) and mineral soil mixture for extensive green roofs (SEM).

Rock wool as a green roof layer is a relatively new technical solution in Hungary. Diadem® brand distributor A.P.P. Kft. is one of the few companies that has entered the Hungarian and European market with its own rock wool brand, DiaWool.

With the use of DiaWool hydrophilized rock wool, the water balance of the layering can be significantly improved and the construction cost can be reduced by implementing a higher technical content.

DiaWool rock wool with a favourable specific gravity has many advantages over conventional layers.

Benefits of rock wool

  • economical transportation, material handling
  • available regardless of weather or season
  • fast, simple, cost-effective execution

Sophisticated detailing even on green roofs

Telescopic, five-fold bent gravel border (KLS-AL-6/9-TK) and KLS-(AL-6/9-TK-UNI-ECKE) corner elements were added to the edging next to the attics. KSE control shaft was used for the internal drains and a KLS-UNI_KERET was used for the edging of the gravel strip around the control shafts, which can be placed quickly without cutting.

The crow fat carpet (MAT 25) was laid out by the experts in phase two.

What should be placed on the green roof?

When it comes to green roofs, the question immediately arises: what kind of vegetation should be on the roof? Diadem® experts recommend the following things to consider.

Planting grass on the green roof

The planting of grass can be used in the case of semi-intensive, intensive layering, the vegetation requires regular nutrient supply and care, the installation of an automatic irrigation system is recommended.

Crow’s nest carpet on the green roof

The Crow’s nest carpet or trim is a tough plant that is recommended for extensive layering and tolerates extreme conditions well. It is sufficient to carry out maintenance work on the roof once a year and to replenish nutrients. The plant tolerates dryness well during the rain-free period, and after rain at the presented layered structure, the DiaWool hydrophilized rock wool ensures that the plant receives the moisture stored in it by capillary route for a long time.

Green roof construction documented with photos

We rarely have the opportunity to document the steps of the construction of a green roof we dreamed of in detail with photos. This time, it was a special pleasure for us that this extensive green roof layer already contained DiaWool, that is, rock wool. Our gardening partner Magnólia Art Kertépítő Kft. also helped us in the implementation of the project presented above.