About DiaSafe®

Anyone working at heights needs to be secured against a fall. This protection is the responsibility of the employer, and/or the owner of the premises, and it is also the architect’s responsibility, in designing the building, to meet the relevant regulations. All DiaSafe® systems comply with the latest EU standards. To achieve these standards, hundreds of fall tests were conducted on DiaSafe ® systems, in the product development and testing centre, under the supervision of independent testing organisations.

DiaSafe® anchor systems

DiaSafe® Systems are anchoring devices which ensure the safety of staff working at heights. They have been tested by TÜV, Europe’s leading safety validation organisation. The systems conform to the most recent standard, EN 795:2012, when used with personal protection equipment that meets standards EN 355 and EN 365. DiaSafe® Systems may be used both as fall arrest or fall restraint systems. The systems meet all work safety standards and requirements without affecting the roof
in any way.

DiaSafe® collective protection

Our products designed to provide collective protection are safety railing systems fixed by ballast, made up of modular elements, that can be installed without breaking through the roof layers.

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