Agemar office building / Athens, Greece

Agemar Shipping Group

Offices of Agemar Shipping Group have a sustainable retreat on the rooftop, what about your office?

This striking building, designed by SPARCH Sakellaridou/Papanikolaou Architects, mixes innovation, sustainability, and the harmonious integration of nature into urban spaces.

For green roof construction, our DIADEM ® products have been chosen. Specifically, the implementation featured the extensive DIADEM ®150 in areas with low vegetation, the semi-intense DIADEM ®350 in spaces with low-medium vegetation and moderate depths, and the intensive DIADEM ®750 in areas boasting high vegetation and substantial depths.

Green roofs
by Diadem

Sustainability Challenges and Solutions:

✅ Vegetated Areas and Microclimate: Extensive green spaces on the ground, balconies, and a rooftop terrace address high-density surroundings. The smaller building features a vegetated facade, and underground parking enhances the microclimate.

✅ Water Surfaces for Cooling: Large water surfaces in front of the main facades provide evaporative cooling, reducing summer heat and minimizing air conditioning energy consumption.

✅ Geothermal Energy and Local Resources: Utilizing geothermal energy and local materials reduces heating and cooling energy consumption, promoting sustainability and supporting the local economy.

Green up
the roof!

What sets this building apart is its commitment to environmental excellence, evident in the extensive use of green roofs that blanket its facade, earning it a prestigious Platinum LEED certification.

The project significantly cut energy and water use through passive design like energy-efficient glazing and upgraded HVAC systems, reducing demand for lighting and cooling. The design prioritized improved thermal comfort and enhanced the overall human experience with biophilic elements.

Green up the roofs, the cities, the world!

📍Athens, Greece

✍️ SPARCH Sakellaridou/Papanikolaou Architects

📸 Nikos Daniilidis

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