DIADEM® 1200 – Intensive green roof

Introducing the DIADEM® 1200, a robust intensive roof garden type. It is designed with ground covers, woody perennials, and even trees.

DIADEM® 1200

Introducing the DIADEM® 1200, a robust intensive roof garden type. It is designed with ground covers, woody perennials, and even trees. Its unique design allows it to connect directly to gardens built on natural soil, making it indistinguishable from them.

System Details


DIADEM® 1200 serves to cover and make usable the building structures located below the soil level.


This system is perfect for designing gardens for structures that are below the ground level but protrude from the above-ground contour of the building.


  • Enables a high-quality and diverse range of designs in the immediate environment of the building
  • Covers and protects the parts of the building below the ground
  • Depending on the regulation, it can increase the buildability of the plot
  • Significantly reduces the runoff factor (from 0.9 to potentially 0.1), thereby improving the property’s precipitation utilization indicator and relieving the sewer network
  • Enhances the utilization and thereby the value of the property
  • Provides heat insulation
  • Creates an optimal climatic effect
  • Suitable for everyday human use

Frequently asked questions

Can it be used on public land?

DIADEM® 1200 is the perfect solution for greening above underground garages, below ground parking houses, and underpasses. The layer thickness of the planting medium and the resilience, protection level of the additional structures allow public land installation.

Can a road surface be created in the garden for vehicle traffic?

The load-bearing capacity of the roof structure is primarily the determinant here, because the layer constituents of the garden structure consist of products suitable for vehicle traffic.

How long can the vegetation live?

The DIADEM® 1200 system does not limit the lifespan of the vegetation in any way. With adequate watering and nutrient replenishment, we can enjoy vegetation with the same lifespan as gardens on natural soil.

Typical build-up

    • Ground covers, perennials, shrubs, and trees (planting plants with aggressive vegetation is not recommended).
    • SUM and SIM upper and lower planting medium
    • VLF-200 geotextile with high vapor, water and air permeability, thus providing excellent hydrological conditions. It plays a major role in preventing the substrate and gravel from washing into the surface drain.
    • DiaDrain-60H high load-bearing drain board from PS film, embossed on both sides, perforated all over, ensuring quick water drainage, swelling system irrigation, or water storage and ventilation of the root zone of roof gardens.
    • VLU-500 mechanical protective layer
    • Root-resistant rainwater waterproofing layer laid in slope.
    • Slope forming layer.
    • Monolithic reinforced concrete structure or solid substrate providing slope.

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