DIADEM® 150 – Ecology

EXTENSIVE GROWING – The DIADEM® 150 is an extensive green roof system composed of a unique community of drought-resistant, perennial plants.

Extensive green roof build-up

The DIADEM® 150 is an extensive green roof system composed of a unique community of drought-resistant, perennial plants. These plants are installed on a lightweight growing medium, primarily made of mineral components. This layer is thin and covered entirely by a drainage layer, making it suitable for non-walkable surfaces.

System Details


The primary purpose of this system is to serve as an ecological protective layer. In addition to its technical benefits, it also provides favorable rainwater use and has positive climatic impacts.


The integration of this product is recommended for satisfying ecological requirements, even when it comes to non-walkable building structures with limited load-bearing capacities.


  • Provides heat insulation
  • Enables the utilization and evaporation of rainwater
  • Creates a habitat for animals
  • Can be adapted to most roof structures

Frequently asked questions

Is watering or mowing necessary for the vegetation?

The DIADEM® 150 system comprises drought-resistant, herbaceous perennial plants that are very resilient and grow slowly under extreme conditions in their natural habitats. They are perfectly suited to minimal care conditions, hence, in a continental climate, the vegetation does not require watering or mowing.

How long does the vegetation take to reach its final form?

The time it takes for the vegetation to reach its final form depends largely on the planting method and habitat conditions. Usually, about 90% plant coverage is achieved within 2-3 years.

When do the flowers bloom and what color are they?

The primary goal of many efforts is achieving beauty in the garden, making this an essential aesthetic question. The plant species can be selected such that the roof is in bloom all year round. But even if extreme ecological considerations are taken into account, almost the entire roof surface bursts with color from April to August.

Typical build-up

    • Drought-resistant perennial vegetation
    • SEM growing medium with low organic matter content, primarily made of mineral components, with good water permeability.
    • The VLF-150 geotextile ensures excellent hydrological conditions with high vapor, water, and air permeability.
    • The DiaDrain-25H surface infiltrator, a polystyrene sheet, offers high load-bearing capacity and excellent water drainage and ventilation capacity under low structural load.
    • The VLU-300 type geotextile, made from polypropylene suitable for fiber formation, is mainly used for protecting insulation technology layers.
    • A root-resistant rainwater insulation layer is made with a slope.
    • A fibrous insulation layer with good fire protection properties. The thickness of this layer is determined by the current building physics requirements.
    • FLW-500, a high vapor diffusion resistance vapor barrier, is a 0.5 mm thick low-density polyethylene film.
    • Layer thickness: ~12 cm
    • Surface weight in case of W: 150 kg/m2 (without plants)

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