DIADEM® 350 – Passable green roof

The DIADEM® 350 is a semi-intensive green roof system that is typically covered with ground cover grasses, perennials, and shrubs.


The DIADEM® 350 is a semi-intensive green roof system that is typically covered with ground cover grasses, perennials, and shrubs. Thanks to its drained, inverted layer structure, this system not only offers a great balance between cost and benefits but also provides an excellent technical solution.

System Details


Besides its ecological benefits, the DIADEM® 350 also emphasizes on usability, making it increasingly functional.


This system is a sophisticated yet simple solution for creating roof gardens that are directly connected to living spaces.


  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Enhances property utilization, thereby increasing its value
  • Offers a wide range of design possibilities
  • Favorable investment costs
  • Provides an ideal technical solution
  • Exhibits heat insulation capability
  • Promotes optimal climatic effect

Frequently asked questions

Can we build a green roof using both straight and inverted layer sequences?

The answer to this question requires a detailed analysis. While the inverted layer sequence mainly benefits from the protection of the insulation board and simpler construction, the straight layer sequence is more advantageous considering the operational aspect of the garden structure.

How do we manage mowing accessible surfaces from apartments?

It is important to consider this essential maintenance activity during the design phase itself and ensure that a maintenance exit is provided to the roof. A potential solution could be employing a small lawn mower “robot” that traverses the roof surface at regular intervals, allowing the resulting small mulch to remain on the surface.

How long can the turf surface maintain its beauty on the roof surface?

With ongoing, regular maintenance, it is feasible to synchronize the refreshing of the garden with the renovation cycle of the building.

Typical build-up

      • Ground cover vegetation with grasses, perennials, and shrubs.
      • SIM, a special quality soil mixture suitable for semi-intensive roof gardens, consisting of sterilized base mix, high adsorption capacity additives and loosening agents, and complex fertilizers.
      • VLF-200 geotextile with high vapor, water and air permeability, thus providing excellent hydrological conditions. It plays a major role in preventing the substrate and gravel from washing into the surface drainage.
      • DiaDrain-40H surface drain made of polystyrene sheet, featuring low structural self-weight, high load-bearing capacity, and outstanding water drainage and ventilation capacity.
      • Extruded polystyrene foam insulation boards suitable for inverted system roofs.
      • VLU-300 type bitumen-resistant mechanical protective-separating layer used for protecting the waterproofing and separating it from non-bitumen-resistant layers.
      • A root-resistant rainwater waterproofing layer constructed in a slope.
      • Slope forming layer.

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