DIADEM® 750 – The valuable garden

DIADEM® 750 is an advanced, intensive green roof system, designed with ground covers, woody perennials and occasionally trees.

DIADEM® 750,

DIADEM® 750 is an advanced, intensive green roof system, designed with ground covers, woody perennials and occasionally trees. This system is akin to traditional gardens built on natural soil, both visually and functionally.

System Details


This system serves dual purposes – it provides a rich garden experience and facilitates complex rainwater utilization.


For roof gardens directly connected to living spaces, DIADEM® 750 is an ideal solution, offering the highest level of garden experience.


  • Enhances the usage and thus the value of your property
  • Offers unlimited design possibilities
  • Facilitates complex water management
  • Provides excellent heat insulation
  • Offers a technically ideal solution
  • Ensures optimal climate impact
  • Suitable for daily use

Frequently asked questions

Do the roots of the plants cause damage to the building?

With modern root-resistant rainwater waterproofing, we can ensure adequate protection against potential root damage, except for plants with aggressive root systems like bamboo. In cases of subsequent installation, a root penetration protective layer (FLW-1000) is required.

How is mowing and handling of clippings managed?

With regular mowing, the clippings can be left on the surface, contributing to the natural nutrient cycle.

Is it possible to create a pond on the roof?

Creating shallow ornamental ponds is feasible in most intensive roof gardens. However, it is essential to remember that the roof’s rainwater waterproofing should be separate from the pond’s waterproofing.

Typical build-up

    • Ground covers, perennials and shrubs, and medium-sized trees (planting of aggressive vegetation is not recommended)
    • SIM, a special quality soil mixture, suitable for intensive roof garden plant cultures, made from sterilized base mixture, high adsorption capacity additives, looseners, and complex fertilizers
    • VLF-200 geotextile with high vapor, water, and air permeability, ensuring excellent hydrological conditions and preventing substrate and gravel from washing into the surface drainage
    • DiaDrain-60H, a high load-bearing PS sheet drain board, embossed on both sides, fully perforated, ensuring rapid water drainage, system watering, water storage, and root zone ventilation
    • VLU-500 type geotextiles, made from fiber-forming polypropylene, mainly used for protecting waterproofing layers
    • Root-resistant rainwater waterproofing layer, laid in a slope
    • Heat insulation and slope-forming layer from expanded polystyrene foam sheets
    • Vapor barrier layer
    • Monolithic reinforced concrete structure

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