Torre Pelli / Seville, Spain

Torre Pelli

Torre Pelli, also known as the Iberdrola Tower, is a groundbreaking skyscraper that graces the skyline of Seville, Spain. Rising 165 meters above the city, it stands as a symbol of architectural excellence and environmental responsibility. The building was built under the LEED Platinum certification, the highest rating of sustainability of a building, awarded by the Green Building Council of the United States.

 Sustainable Green Roofs:
Our team had the privilege of manufacturing the green roofs on this architectural gem. These lush green roofs not only add an enchanting touch of nature to the urban landscape but also play a pivotal role in energy efficiency and environmental conservation. The green roof is divided in two “podiums”. These “podiums” consist in two ways with variable
steep slopes (longitudinal and cross) and warped slopes (twisted slopes).

 Architectural Marvel:
Designed by the visionary architect César Pelli (1932-2019), Torre Pelli showcases his remarkable talent for seamlessly merging modern aesthetics with eco-conscious design principles. The tower’s elegant, glass-clad façade allows natural light to flood its interior, reducing energy consumption while enhancing the well-being of its occupants.

Environmental Impact:
Torre Pelli’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its green roofs. The tower boasts energy-efficient systems, rainwater harvesting, and a host of environmentally conscious features that align with today’s demand for responsible urban development.

At DIADEM®, we take immense pride in contributing to iconic architectural projects that push the boundaries of innovation and sustainability to new levels. Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight the incredible Torre Pelli—a true marvel in the world of skyscrapers.

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