N.N. Residence / near Moscow, Russia

N.N. Residence

More than 5.000 m2 of beautiful extensive and intensive green roof  We’re thrilled to showcase our collaboration with J. MAYER H. and partners on N.N. Residence near Moscow, where we had the privilege of contributing to the sustainable design of their private residence along the picturesque River Moskva.

Our green roof plays a crucial role in seamlessly blending this architectural marvel with the surrounding natural landscape. The project is a special home project with more than 5000 m2 green roof above the main house, the Terrace on the second floor, Garden-Security and Servant’s house areas. Both extensive and intensive green roof areas. By introducing lush greenery to the building’s roofscape, we not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also made a significant impact on the interior climate. The process of surface evaporation and heat buffering helps maintain a comfortable atmosphere year-round, reducing the need for excessive heating and cooling.

Gren roofs
by Diadem

The undulating edges of the building have created a soft transition between architecture and nature, preserving the beautiful rural landscape.

We’re incredibly proud to be part of this transformative project, which beautifully demonstrates the fusion of sustainability, architectural design, and the natural world. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

J. MAYER H. and partners

📍 N.N. Residence near Moscow

📸 Ilya Ivanov

✅ More than 5000 m2 drainage boards (DD-25H, DD-40H)

✅ 200 m2 DiaDomino anti-ersion system

✅ 7000 m2 geotextile (VLU-300 VLF-150; VLS-500)

✅ 6000 m2 FLW-500

✅ ~ 220 pcs of KLS-AL-8/12-TK gravel boards and inspection boxes

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