PANUM Institute / Copenhagen, Denmark

PANUM Institute

Thumbs up for a greener future. The Maersk Tower of PANUM Institute is much more sustainable than you might think.

Today, we are proud to share our project at the renowned Panum Institute in Copenhagen. Our team had the privilege to work once more with the brilliant architect C.F. Møller in delivering the solutions for the stunning green slopes around.

Architect C.F. Møller’s vision for this space is nothing short of breathtaking. The incorporation of lush, vibrant greenery into the museum’s surroundings seamlessly blends nature and architecture. The result? A masterpiece of sustainability, aesthetics, and innovation.

Gren roofs
by Diadem

Some fascinating facts about the Panum Museum and our involvement:

✅ Architect: The project was brought to life under the creative genius of C.F. Møller, known for their groundbreaking designs and sustainable solutions.

✅ Breathtaking Aesthetics: The green slopes surrounding the Panum Museum offer a serene and inviting environment for both visitors and researchers.

✅ Sustainability at Its Best: Our eco-friendly green roofs not only enhance the visual appeal but also contribute to the conservation of the environment and energy efficiency.

✅ A Hub of Knowledge: The Panum Institute is a hub for scientific research, and we are proud to be part of the journey, making it an even more inspirational and environmentally conscious space.

Supply & technical support provided by BG Byggros, Danmark.

📍 Copenhagen, Denmark

✍️  C.F. Møller architects

📸  Adam Mørk

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