Moesgaard Museum / Aarhus, Denmark

The Moesgaard Museum

The Moesgaard Museum Denmark has not just a unique green roof but also fantastic architects behind.

Our green roof, developed by our talented teams in collaboration with renowned architects Henning Larsen and C.F. Møller, is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally valuable. The 10.584 sqm roof our of DiaDrain-40H drainage board promotes sustainability, supports biodiversity and seamlessly integrates into the overall appearance of the museum.

Gren roofs
by Diadem

The architects have created an inspiring environment that not only educates visitors but also reflects Denmark’s rich natural history. The Moesgaard Museum also utilizes our green roof for educational purposes and research, which fills us with pride and fits perfectly to our philosophy.

This project demonstrates how architecture and sustainability can work hand in hand. We encourage our industry and all stakeholders to draw inspiration from such projects and collaborate to make our roofs, environments, cities and the world more sustainable. Together, we shape a better future.

Supply & technical support provided by BG Byggros, Danmark.

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📍 Denmark, Aarhus

✍️ Henning Larsen and C.F. Møller

✅ 10.584 sqm roof of DiaDrain-40H drainage

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